Top 5 Beginners Chest Exercise | No-Equipment | Chest Workout

In this video, we’ll guide you through each exercise with proper form, and variation to ensure you get the most out of your chest workout.

Welcome to QuickFit 365, your go-to channel for quick and effective workouts. In this video, we’re focusing on chest exercises that are perfect for beginners who want to build strength, tone their chest muscles, and improve their overall fitness level. You don’t need any gym membership or expensive gear – just your body weight and a willingness to push yourself.

We’ve selected the Top 5 Beginners Chest Exercise that targets different areas of your chest and arms, and each one has its unique benefits. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from each exercise:

Regular Pushups: This classic exercise targets your chest, triceps, and shoulders, and it’s a great way to build overall upper body strength. Make sure to keep your core engaged, your elbows close to your body, and your chest lowered to the ground.

Wide Pushups: By placing your hands wider than shoulder-width apart, you’ll target your chest muscles more intensely than with regular pushups. This exercise also engages your triceps and shoulders, and it can help improve your posture and upper body mobility.

Diamond Pushups: By bringing your hands close together in a diamond shape, you’ll shift the focus to your triceps and chest inner muscles. This exercise can be challenging at first, but it’s a great way to build triceps strength and improve your pushup form.

Incline Pushups: If regular pushups are too difficult, or you want to target your upper chest more, incline pushups are a great option. By elevating your hands on a surface like a chair, bench, or wall, you’ll reduce the weight you need to push and shift the focus to your upper chest muscles.

Decline Pushups: For an extra challenge and a lower chest focus, decline pushups are a great option. By elevating your feet on a surface like a bench, stairs, or box, you’ll increase the weight you need to push and engage your lower chest muscles.

By incorporating these 5 best pushup exercises into your routine, you’ll improve your upper body strength, posture, and overall fitness level. Plus, you’ll feel empowered and energized knowing that you can do these exercises anywhere, anytime, with no-equipment required. So let’s get started and push ourselves to new heights!

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